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Delivering Electricity Savings

Streamline Power Solutions

Voltage Optimisation / Regulation

Commercial electrical power control is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reduce electricity use, cut carbon emissions reduce electrical breakdowns and increase the life of electrical equipment.

Our ‘Pay as You Save’ finance programme enables you to install electricity power reducing equipment for large business users at no up front cost so helping cashflow and pay for it from energy savings.

Automatic monitoring and targeting

Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) technology allows you to understand your energy usage, target action to reduce energy usage and monitor the impact of your actions.

aM&T systems bring additional benefits such as early warning of non-standard usage, consumption forecasting and evidence to support intelligent investment decisions. They can also provide automatic invoice checking and validation and rich historical data to support smart energy procurement and tariff / contract renegotiation.

Power Factor Correction

Most commercial operations use electric motors and additional plant such as florescent lighting, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning. These are all ‘inductive’ loads that often operate at sub-optimal efficiencies, especially if they are not functioning at full load.

Power factor correction reduces the amount of power drawn from the grid by inductive loads, thus allowing equipment to run cooler, freeing up capacity and reducing the amount of power wasted by the loads on a circuit.

Harmonic Filtering

Harmonics manifest within an electric power system as a result of the behaviour of certain kinds of loads, often interfering with loads within the local system, causing heat and stress in mechanical equipment, and causing problems with onsite power quality. Harmonics are on the increase as they are a common side effect of IT use.

They can be addressed through the application of selective filtering targeting the most commonly occurring harmonics on a specific site. A harmonics problem can adversely affect your neighbours electricity supply, leading to fines and if severe disconnection from the grid by the Distribution Network Operators.

Streamline Power Products


Eniscope Hydrid

Eniscope is a Real-time Energy Management System that is increasingly being used as a critical element of many robust energy management programmes because it makes this otherwise invisible energy now visible and thereby manageable.


Bowers Energy Saving Transformer

Bowers Energy Saving Transformers (BEST range) are specifically designed to provide customers with substantial savings in their Electricity bills and cut Carbon emissions (CO2).

Case Studies


Electricity Savings: 17.3%
Peasey Cross Hospital
NHS Sustainable Development Unit research shows that voltage optimisation is the Number One electrical energy efficiency…


Electricity Savings: 8.6%
Royal Sussex County Hospital
The Audrey Emerton Building was opened in 2005 and as a result is reasonably well fitted out with energy efficient…


Electricity Savings: 15.0%
The Link Centre Swindon
The Link Centre is a large leisure complex, comprising of an international-sized ice skating rink, swimming pool…