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Delivering Electricity Savings

Reduce Your Electricity Consumption Through Voltage Control

Maximise electrical efficiency while improving your financial performance

Streamline Power supply high-quality UK built voltage optimisation equipment to hospitals, hotels, factories and other heavy electricity users. Our systems deliver maximum cost savings and reductions in carbon emissions, while increasing the lifespan of electrical equipment and delivering a quick return on your investment.

Commercial electrical power control is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reduce electricity use, cut carbon emissions reduce electrical breakdowns and increase the life of electrical equipment.


Benefits of voltage optimisation
Voltage optimisation is a cost-effective electrical energy efficiency measure.


  • Lower commercial electricity costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions and company footprint
  • Reduced need for maintenance and repairs
  • Electrical equipment lasts longer and will run more efficiently, run cooler with a more stable power supply
  • Increase in process uptime as there are fewer electrical faults from breakdown and over heating
  • Fast return on investment
  • Equipment can be paid for out of energy savings


Graph shows electrical savings in blue above the red line


Case Studies


Electricity Savings: 17.3%
Peasey Cross Hospital
NHS Sustainable Development Unit research shows that voltage optimisation is the Number One electrical energy efficiency…


Electricity Savings: 8.6%
Royal Sussex County Hospital
The Audrey Emerton Building was opened in 2005 and as a result is reasonably well fitted out with energy efficient…


Electricity Savings: 15.0%
The Link Centre Swindon
The Link Centre is a large leisure complex, comprising of an international-sized ice skating rink, swimming pool…